Business Programmes

Got a business idea? Make it a reality.

Whatever stage you are at with your business development we are here to help. Whether you only have a rough outline of how your business will look, have written a full business plan or are searching for funding opportunities to take your company to the next level. Bread & Butter Business Programmes will provide you with advice in planning, funding, growth, technology, legislation, and more.

Complete Starter Programme
Writing a Business Plan
Legal Advice when setting up
Online set up and domain names
Legislation & Tax Advice
Employing Staff
Finances and Cashflow
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Social Startup Programme
Tailored advice for social enterprises and the charity sector
How to stay financially sustainable
Identifying your target audience
Business Modelling
Legal advice for the charity sector
Gaining Funding
Government support initiatives
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Young Starter Programme
Tailored For entrepreneurs under the age of 25
Tax advice
Government support initiatives
Gaining funding
Useful online resources
Networking opportunities
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Need help with something else?

If you would like business advice in an area not mentioned above please get in touch